about me…..


I like to describe my photography style as real life, real emotions.  Most photographers look for the perfect in everything, I am all about the ciaos and imperfections in life and in my photography. I am 100% self-taught in this art, I do everything based on my feelings and the connection I see in the individuals, couples and families I work with.  Not only their connection with each other, but mine with them.

If I am working with someone new I like to engage them in conversation so we get a feel of each other, and nerves are put to rest (for all of us).  I will kid around, act weird, make jokes and tell them that they are so beautiful.  I will be in their personal space, and I will be at a distance.  I do what the mood strikes. 

Some sessions start out wonderfully, I am able to feel the session and get the images quickly - some I need more time to visit with and to get more comfortable so we can make magic together.  There is no real timeline for this, sometimes it is an hour, sometimes two - sometimes more.

I am not a poser or prop user, though sometimes I will gently ask people do certain things - ask questions about each other and try to gather as many real moments as I can. 

It took me a long time to decide to stop doing what everyone wanted, but more of what I wanted and if that works for you – then you and I should talk as soon as possible.

My editing style is all over the map.  It all depends on the session, if it's moody and romantic then my editing style directs me in that way. If it's a colorful cheerful family session, then that is what my editing style will be as well for that particular session.  I don't have any rules, I want it to be as organic and real as possible.

On a personal note, I am a bit of an introvert-if you can believe that and enjoy spending time at home or with family and close friends.  I am married to a sweet man named Billy and we have five children Teresa, Gavin, Weston, Xander and Olivia.  Teresa lives in Portland Oregon with her husband Alex and my gorgeous and perfect grandson Oscar.  Gavin lives in Fayetteville North Carolina and is in the Army.  Weston, Xander and Olivia are all still at home with us in Fort White Florida (thank goodness).  When I am not working at my full-time job I enjoy photography (of course) cooking, reading, swimming and drinking wine!

Things I love besides my family…..Rayban Sunglasses, BOOTS, scorched popcorn, dark coffee (with 2 sugar, 4 cream), traveling (the ocean and the mountains speak to my soul)…..

Want to work together ————> contact me today!

xoxo, Lela